Windows VPS

Your business deserves the fastest windows VPS server hosting on the market.

Security and Flexibility: VPS hosting is your answer to shedding performance issues and bandwidth limits that come with shared hosting. Interhost’s Windows VPS services offer you the flexibility and security your business needs to thrive.

Continual Updates: Windows has demonstrated success with its system updates for many years. Interhost’s Windows VPS is beneficial for all types of hosting needs. Combined with add-on packages, like a Plesk control panel, you can build the customized Windows VPS solution you’ve been looking for. The Plesk control panel features automation and a simplified setup so your team can reduce the time for routine tasks and get focused on what matters.

User Friendly: If you are struggling to choose between VPS servers and lack the technical knowledge needed for specific virtual private servers, then Windows might be the right solution for your business. Benefit from the easy to adopt layout and familiar interface.

Get Going Fast: Do not waste precious time on setup, with Interhost’s Window VPS services you can get up and running within minutes.

We’re Here for You: If fast and scalable Windows servers weren’t enough, you will also enjoy continual support from trained professionals. Say goodbye to waiting days for an answer and to interrupted business, and hello to friendly customer support.

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